Top 7 Best Wallpaper App for Android


In this blog, we are talking about seven apps that will probably cover all the kinds of wallpapers that are out there and hopefully satisfy your preferences for different kind of wallpapers that exist on the Internet.

Top 7 Best Wallpaper App for Android

1. Creative

Today the first app in the list is called creative. And if you look at this set of wallpapers that it offers still really unique they’re really stunning they look gorgeous they look really artistic and graphic. And crafty think about actual pictures and giving them a comic look you can, of course, download these wallpapers you can span across categories.

And just look at pictures that you’re interested in you can change the grid layout but that’s a premium feature that you’ll have to buy it’s a very small price.

Additionally, the app also offers you ideas in terms of how you can customize your home screen so it’ll tell you the icon pack the wallpaper you will stand all of that so if you use Nova Launcher you can try that out.

It’s got a dark theme to it of course again that’s a premium feature but small price and there’s a built-in editor.


2. Resplash

The next app in the list is called Resplash. The best part about this app is that these are actual pictures actual photographs taken by people they’re all sourced from so they’re all royalty-free and these are phenomenally high-quality they’re really great but the best part about this app is not in its regular pictures it’s in the collection spam so instead of having categories that generally apps have which are very boring right there’s space, there’s anime, there are cartoons, there’s abstract.

These actually have very significantly different categories so it’s got patterns and textures it’s got dark and moody it’s got rainy days it’s got something in blurs and motion like you can see in front of you so all your pictures belong to that kind of category that so the names are really different.

So this one’s summer plus tropical so you get all pictures that are somewhere and tropical and then you could go into slices of the sky and then you just get shots that are you know looking up at the sky.

Now within settings is of course you know there’s the theme so you can have the white theme or the black theme you also get control over what quality of thumbnails what quality of downloads and what quality of wallpaper gets applied when you directly apply from within the app.

Another cool feature that they’ve introduced is called Auto wallpaper within the apps if you turn that on you can set automatic rotation of wallpapers on your home screen and lock screen so you can a set the category you can obviously choose whether you want it on both home screen lock screen or just one of them and you can set the interval period how frequently you want those wallpapers to change.


3. Tapet

The next one is called tappet it’s a minimal wallpaper generator which means all these wallpapers are generated on your phone. None of these exist online none of these are downloaded or fetched. The best part is you could just keep swiping right if you want to retain the color scheme but a different pattern but let’s say you like a pattern and you want to change the color then you just swipe from left to right and you can retain the same pattern but just keep changing the color scheme.
And if you want a radically different wallpaper like different pattern and a different color scheme just swipe up or swipe down and you’ll get a brand new radically different wallpaper again.

All of these are getting generated real-time and they don’t really exist and by the way, you do have access to all the color palettes so you can have a look at them from over here and you can move some of these to your my palette sections.
If there’s a palette that you really like you could just move it over here and needless to say you can’t save your wallpaper by tapping that icon and if you want to apply just hit the icon in the center and the wallpaper gets applied.


4. UHD Walls

Now this one is a more traditional one I know I’ve not about traditional wallpaper apps but if you really wanted one this is the one to go for it’s called UHD walls. 
Love the categories over here love the app interface it’s really nice very minimal and easy to use you can see how well the categories are laid out over here. 
If you’re looking for wallpapers by a certain color that you prefer you could do that as well and it will show you all wallpapers by that color now if you go into a category, of course, you get all the nice wallpapers they’re all high resolution really crisp quality they’re stunning actually and of course if you want to apply a wallpaper you could favorite that you could download and save it in your gallery and you see the resolution damn high so you get really high-quality wallpapers as I said and you can set the blur level before you apply. 

5. Wavero

The wavero live wallpaper you can see why peoples like it. it’s interactive so depending on how you move the phone or touch the wallpaper it reacts and interacts with you so really nice now a lot of the features are actually in the pro mode but you do get a couple of patterns for free.

So if you see that there are 31 patterns that you could apply and that’ll respect your choice but gradients color schemes which are actually the more fun features are logged.

So you’re gonna have to unlock them for a small cost but even the free version you know you could have it applied onto your home screen for a couple of days and you would really enjoy it.

We would highly recommend that you go onto this developers Play Store page there are a lot of these live wallpapers all high quality so give them a shot and I’m sure you would love them.


6. Walloop Engine

The walloop engine and there’s only one reason that it made it to this top 7 list it’s because of minimal live wallpapers – just so good just the idea of having these as animated simple minimal wallpapers on your home screen or on your lock screen is so good now a lot of these are free.
Some of them seem to be locked but all you have to do is watch ads and then you can unlock them but they’re just so good now you could go inside a menu and look at live wallpapers there are more than just live minimal wallpapers just so many of them. 
So you don’t have to be stuck to minimal as an approach but definitely check it out really good.

7. Backdrops

You get different wallpaper styles and flavors, such as material, minimal, patterns, scenery, outer space, earth views, abstract, photography, geometric, dark AMOLED friendly wallpapers in this wallpaper app.
If you have to download wallpapers from this app then you have to buy a premium version.


So we’ve told you about the great apps for wallpapers.  If you have liked any of these apps then you can tell us by commenting below and if you do not like any apps, you can also tell those apps.
 So that’s all for now if you like this video then please press subscribe button to our blog Techizz looks. For more like this once again this is a note signing off and I’ll see you in the next one.
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