Top 10 Best Apps For Android (August)

It’s time to show you guys a top 10 apps of the month and today in this video we will show you the 10 best new Android apps you should check out for the month of August 2019. And before we start if you’re new to our blog then don’t forget to follow to us and press the bell icon to join a notification squad so let’s begin.

Top 10 Best Apps For Android (August)

The top 10 apps of the month of August 

we will be showing the apps in random order.

1. Pixaloop

The pixel loop picks a loop lets you create moving photos you can animate your photos and bring them to life. I am sure you might have seen photos where the background is animated or clouds are moving with this app you can also create photos like it.
And that does in a simple way once you open the app you just need to select the photo and you have the options at the bottom and here you can select options like animate or cloud you can also see a live preview. How the effect will look on your photos. I’ve been using this app for a few days and even I was surprised by the results.
Overall I really love the app it’s really easy to use even with the free version you can do a lot and the pro version is a bit expensive but offers different overlays and options.

2. Appy Weather 

Next app you have in our list is the Appy weather. You see the weather forecast in this clean and minimalistic app it’s the most personal weather app. which shows you to Timeline on the home screen that has a summary of the weather. 
You can see the forecast in an hourly and daily format. The presentation in the app is pretty good and I really like the graphics and how simple it beautiful this app looks. You can see the weather data such as real field precipitation humidity wind speed etc. 

3. Pocket Mode

Next, we have on our list is the pocket mode. pocket mode helps you to prevent accidental clicks when your phone is in your pocket. The feature is available in a handful of phones but this app you can get it right away.

So basically whenever you put your phone in your pocket the app locks your phone. The app uses the proximity sensor of your phone and detects when it’s in your pocket.

I have used this app in a couple of my phones and it works pretty well. Overall a must-have feature which this app provides to prevent accidental touches in calling when your phone is in your pocket.


4. Checketry

Next, we have on our list is the Checketry. checketry is a download manager that lets you track your downloads on your PC right from your phone you can remotely check the status of your downloading from the apps like Steam torrents and even browser downloads from Chrome and Firefox.

I have used the app to check the status of my game downloading and it’s really helpful with this app you don’t have to keep on checking if the download is finished or not you can see the speed time left for downloading right on your phone.

Steam it works with the origin and battle and game client the free version allows you to monitor the Downloads only but if you upgrade to the pro version you can also pause and start downloads and also shut down your PC once the downloading is finished.


5. VoicePop

Next app we have on our list is the voicepop. If you’re one of those who doesn’t like listen to voice notes on whatsapp send by your friends and family then with this app you can simply transcribe the voice into text. 
And that – pretty accurately you just need to select the voice note and click the share button and select the app and after that choose the language of your choice and here it is you have the voice message converted to text. 
The app is really simple to use and will be very helpful when you can’t listen to the voice messages such as when you are in a meeting or in a class or when it’s too loud such as clubs and concerts overall it’s a nice and easy app which will for sure help you in situation very conditioned to the voice messages. 

6. Ceri Launcher

Next app we have on our list is the Siri launcher. Siri launcher is a unique launcher with honeycomb icon layout you can choose all your apps or just the favorite apps to show on the home screen it’s pretty good and fast and overall gives a nice look to your phone at the time of setup you can choose the option such as layout.
All paper which also has the option of true dark mode for AMOLED screen. This launcher is free from ads and the animations of the launcher are pretty smooth there are a couple of gestures such as swipe down to access all the apps and present all the app icon for more options you can choose the app as your favorite by simply selecting the star in front of it. 
There is also a pro version which will add more features such as notification dots, custom slide gestures. 

7. Gallery Go

Next app we have on our list is the gallery go. Gallery go is a new app by Google which is smart light and fast the app is smart as it ought to organize your photos my people selfie nature and food unlike. The Google Photos this app has an offline app which doesn’t sync and backup your photos apart from the gallery.

This app also lets you auto-enhance your photos which in my opinion is a pretty good option. Overall if you’re looking for an offline photo gallery app to organize your photos and videos then gallery go from Google is the perfect app.


8. Firefox Preview

Next app we have in our list is the Firefox preview. Firefox preview is an experimental Firefox browser for Android phones the browser is fast and more secure and according to Firefox, it’s better than anything. Firefox browser built for mobile the new Firefox browser is two times faster than the previous versions in terms of usage.

It’s like any other browser but here you can also create a collection of your favorite pages and access them from the home page you can also choose a search engine of your choice.

Overall Firefox preview is the combination of the speed privacy control and easy to use features so do try it.


9. MI Band 4 Watch Face

Next app we have on our list is the MI band for the watch face. MI band 4 was launched recently. You can customize the bot phases but the process was quite lengthy and tedious to change the watch face but with this app, you can change the watch face of your MI band 4 in just a few simple steps in the app. You’ll see a lot of popular and new watch faces and you need to download the one you like an open the MI fit app and here it will show you the downloaded watch face in your collection and from here you can sync it with your band.

That’s it now you have the new watch faces for your MI band. It’s really immersed have an app for MI band for users.


10. DopeWalls

The last app we have on our list is the dopewalls. DopeWalls provide 4k high-definition wallpapers which are hand-picked for your phone the app has a good collection of high-quality wallpapers which are not just any random unsplash pictures.

You get daily new wallpapers and there are over 20 plus categories in the app you can download the wallpaper or send it right from the app. You can also crop and set the wallpaper according to your choice the best thing I like about the app is the quality of the wallpapers in the preview you will see the lower quality but once you set it up you will be surprised by the quality of the wallpapers.

Overall Dopewalls is one of my favorite wallpaper apps these days so do check it out.



So that’s it guys these were the ten best new Android apps we have found for the month of August let us know if you like any of them or a favorite app of the month in the comment section below so that’s all for now if you like this blog then please follow our blog Techizz looks for more blog like this. 


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