Pubg mobile season 9 royale pass rewards leaks

Pubg mobile season 9 royale pass rewards leaks

So friends leaks of pubg mobile season 9 have finally arrived. And these are 100% real leaks.

Pubg Mobile Season 9 Royale Pass Rewards leaks

Royale Pass portable closet

Pubg mobile portable closet

So guys, first of all, I see leaks. Royale pass portable closet of pubg mobile season 9. Which is going to be unlocked with royale pass of our pubg mobile season 9. In the image above you can see the logo of season 9 royale pass.

In this, we will get the rewards of royale pass after the upgrade. So this one is the logo and this one is going to be seen in royale pass in pubg mobile season 9.

Pubg mobile season 9 trailer

So friends, now let’s talk about the trailer, you can see on the right-hand side a player is made on which royale pass is written, so this is going to be a reward of 100 RP of our pubg mobile season 9. So, guys, this season warrior theme is coming.

You can see in this part 2 is the reward of bronze V. And we will get to see such a reward box. You can see that this reward box looks very cool and this time it is in silver color and season 9 is written on it.

In this part you look in the background behind the two dragons is made on both sides. The theme of this season 9 is going to be quite ultimate.

So friends, see on the right-hand side, which are the tier rewards of season 9, we are going to get this season, we have been given on the right-hand side. So you can see that if Season 8 is written then these leaks occur.

You can see on the left-hand side the parachute that we had told earlier leaks are given here.

And the outfit we showed is also the same, so this outfit is going to be found on the gold tier. This is a very good outfit, we showed you its footage in our last article.

So friends, in this part we have been told about season 9 royale pass warriors unite. So friends, now you can understand by looking at this image. season 9 is going to be a warriors theme.

Pubg Mobile Season 9 100th RP Outfit

So, friends, you can now see the 100 RP outfit of season 9. So you can see how great the 100 RP outfit looks. And you can see that there is a dragon behind it, which looks very good. So, friends, this mythic outfit is going to be available when we complete 100 RP.

And some new leaks that are being told that the name of UMP9 will be changed to UMP45. And maybe it also has warrior skin that will be upgradable.

Season 9 Royale Pass Rewards

So you can see what we are going to get in the royale pass of this pubg mobile season 9.


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