Faceapp Why It Is Trending Right Now


Faceapp Why It Is Trending Right Now

Faceapp Why It Is Trending Right Now
You might have seen photos recently on social media where people are having fun making themselves older.

Yes, we are talking about face app the app is their own place or an app store for more than two years but recently standing again face app is number one right now in both play store app store.

So let me show you what exactly this app is facing app lets you apply filters to your photos by which you can see yourself younger or older it’s really a simple app to use and the AI feature actually works pretty well.

When you open the app you have a few options such as you can click a photo or select a photo from your gallery you can also search for celebrity photos here once you select a photo you will see it will start loading filters some users have reported that it doesn’t work and stuck here on the loading page we also face the same issue but if you use a VPN then the app works without any issue here we recommend you to use the free turbo VPN and select the US server and now you can see it’s working again.

So in the app, once you select the photo you will see different filters at the bottom and the most interesting is the Age filter now you can see yourself older or younger applying all these filters.

These filters take some time so don’t close the app and here it is and as you can see it’s really amazing the details we are seeing in this app is actually one of the best I have never seen I’ve also tried some other app such as aging booth but in the face app everything looks so real apart from the age filter you can apply smile filter and there are a few more to choose from such as beard glasses makeup etc.

Most of the filters are available in pro version which costs a lot and guys this app is basically for fun and you can change photos on social media and see how your friends react to it or maybe send your friend a photo and surprise them social media is full of these photos and people are using hashtags like face app challenge, Age challenge and so on.

The app is trending right now because it’s really weird that for some reason we want to see our selves altered maybe that is out of curiosity or we just want to see them featured.


So that’s it guys this was the info on the latest trending app face app let us know if you like this app in the comment section below and also don’t forget to this subscribe to our our blog Techizz Looks for more articles like this once again this is a note signing off and I’ll see you in the next one.

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