5 Best Free Launcher for Android


We are back with one more article where we will show you some of the best launchers to use on your Android phone.

If you’re bored with the stock look and feel or the stock launcher which comes nowadays with most of the mobile be TouchWiz, MIUI, and Google now.
Then in this blog, we will show you the top 5 best launchers you can use on your phone right now. some of these launches are highly customizable and some make the usability very simple.

5 Best Free Launcher for Android

1. Evie Launcher


So to start with the first launcher we have in our list is Evie launcher when you first apply this control you have the only a couple of icon on the desktop. The dock by default is turned off so once you enable it from the settings it is very simple to use the launcher.

The search bar is permanent on the top but a universal search which shows you result from within the apps at one place for example music contacts restaurants and more.

You can customize the home screen up to 12×12 grid size which is really good. If you’re using this on a tablet or a bigger screen device folders can be also customized according to your preference the app drawer is like pixels very have to swipe up then you have the option to see the layout in the list or grid view.

The launcher also supports gestures such as two-finger swipe to Google now and DoubleTap to lock the screen overall a very simple and clean launcher.


2. Launcher Live Icon

Next, we have launcher live icons well you might have tried different launchers but this one is really unique in this launcher you will get this beautiful animation which looks fantastic as you can see that all the icons have this cool effect which really looks amazing on your screen. 
Other than that you can have different widgets and you can change the wallpaper as well. one more thing about this launcher is that you can add different animations for your notifications as well, all in all, it’s a very unique launcher and the animation effect which you will get by using this launcher is super cool so definitely give it a try.

3. AIO Launcher 

The AIO launcher well this is one of the best looking and organized launcher that you will get in the Play Store. In this launcher you will have almost everything right in your home screen starting from the top you will have the date and time widget which looks very good. Below that you will have your system information like RAM management and battery percentage also you will have your frequently used application which looks very colorful other than. 
That you will also have access to your notifications as well and the best part is you will also get the dialer in your home screen so no you don’t have to open your phone application to make calls you can simply call anyone from your home screen itself. 
Not only this you will also get the control panel so that you can easily control the setting from your home screen in addition to all this you will have a search bar by using which you can easily access your applications and finally if you swipe right you will have the app drawer as well so overall it’s a very unique and powerful launchers so go and check it out. 

4. Niagara Launcher

Next up we have Niagara launcher this is one of the best launchers that you will get in the Play Store what I like most about this launcher is it is clean and at the same time it is very unique as well and this launcher you will get this date and time widget and below that you can set your eight favorite applications which will appear in your home screen. 
Other than that on the right side, you will have all your applications in the alphabetical order so that you can easily access any applications that you want. Not only this you will also get some basic settings in this launcher like you can change the icon pack or even you can use the dark theme as well so if you are looking for a very clean and minimal launcher then definitely try this one out and if you are using this launcher then I would suggest you to use the blurred background so that your icons will be popped out and it will look fantastic. 

5. Arc Launcher

Arc launcher well if you are looking for a very different and unique launcher then this one is definitely for you guys it will change the entire look of your Android device. And make it look amazing in the home screen you will get the date and time along with the system information and below you will have all your frequently used applications which you can access quite easily. 
If you swipe up you will have the app drawer and swiping down will bring this surge bar as well apart from this if you swipe right you will have our utilities which will show you this system information and you can read daily news as well. So overall it’s a very predictive launcher and it looks super cool so definitely check it out.

6. Computer Launcher

So the last one is computer launcher well if you are looking for a Windows experience in your smartphone then you must try this one. 
You just need to download this launcher and install it on your device and within no time it will change the entire look of your smartphone you will feel like you are using your desktop or your laptop as you can see everything has been changed and it looks like this device is running a Windows operating system. 
Even the folders look very different and it looks very similar to Windows OS but the best part of this launcher is the lock screen you can change the lock screen and make it look like a Windows lock screen as well. 


So, guys, that’s pretty much it these are some of the amazing Android launchers that you should definitely try on your Android device.
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